Duke & Duchess Hundesalong & spa We are based in Bislett, Oslo and have an open grooming atmosphere where we focus on providing professional services in a tranquil environment.  In addition to offering washing and trimming, we also have various spa treatments where we use methods to achieve a healthy coat. Our goal is to focus on creating a relaxed and non-stressful environment so your dog can feel safe and have the ultimate experience of wellness. Our background ensures that we have the skills to groom all dog breeds. We specialise in styling Pomeranians, Yorkshire terriers, Poodles, hand-stripping of Jack Russell terriers, Fox terriers and West Highland terriers. ---------------------------------------------- INFORMATION ON CORVID-19 As a small business, we are very vulnerable when an infection situation arises, in order for us to be able to stay open and help our customers, we need to take some precautions: ❗️We are happy to meet you and your dog, but we ask that all customers wait in the entrance or outside until you’re ask to enter the salong. Customers are to maintain a 2 meters distance from the groomer at all times. ❗️If you are not feeling well or you have detected corona or are in home quarantine, send us a message to cancel your hour as soon as possible. ❗️To maintain good hygiene please spray your hands well before entering the salon. ❗️We take the danger of infection seriously and have strict hygiene guidelines when it comes to washing and disinfection between customers. Thank you. Stay safe.

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Specialist in hand stripping of wire-haired dogs
Policies and Procedures


By using our mobile App or booking online, you'll be able to choose a suitable date and time for your pet to be washed, trimmed and styled by us. To book an appointment please press a BOOKING link.

Silver package
A good way to maintain a healthy matt free coat for the dog. Wash fluff and go. –
Platinum spa package
For 350,- extra this package will leave your dog feeling very relaxed, happy and well revitalized. – Spa
Diamond spa package
This package cost kr.200,- extra. It will leave your dog feeling nice and relaxed with a soft and
Gold package
This is our most popular package  All-inclusive grooming package including a relaxing facial massage your dog will enjoy.


The prices below are based on dogs that are regularly groomed and matt free. Prices will vary depending the coat length, condition and desired style.


We have good experience in handling dogs and ensure that your dog will be taken good care of.


Our most popular tear free shampoo
Everyone loves Crisp Apple
Long firm brush, tough on tangles make speedy work of de-matting and brushing out thick coats
Conditioner for all fur types

Dog maintenance & care products. A selection of wellness products for your pet dog. Shampoos, conditioners, dog supplements to calming aids, allergi friendly and natural products.