Policies & Procedures

Our philosophy at Duke & Duchess Dog spa is to offer a stress free grooming experience for your pet.

We pay special attention to all dogs especially puppies, older dogs and dogs with health issues. Your dog’s safety and comfort are our first priority.

We will not perform any grooming procedure that causes pain or a level of stress that we think is excessive. Clients are advised to inform us of any medical, physical, emotional issues,
allergies, sensitivities or pre-existing conditions.

Safety at all times

The safety of your pet and our employees are taken very seriously.
For this reason, we do not allow dog owners to stay in the grooming area.

We are against risking their safety while on the table or in the tub. We have a very controlled environment to ensure the safety of all pets in our facility.

Leash your pet

For your pet’s safety, please bring your dog in and out of the salon on a leash. This will help ensure that your dog does not run out the door when another customer arrives and allows us to safely guide your dog to the grooming area.

We will keep your leash and collar/harness during the groom and put them back on your dog when you pick them up.

Spa time

We offer different spa treatments, some are more time-consuming than others.

For us to be able to groom your pets safely and offer exceptional quality grooms, excluding our intro puppy splash with we recommend for under 3 months old puppies, we require all clients to allow 1- 4 hours for their pets to be left with us.

If we have a nervous or first timer pet, we will take time with them to help them acclimate to the grooming experience.

Almost ready to be picked up.

All clients will be notified 20 min before their dog is to be picked up after their grooming treatment.

Early pick up Arrival

To prevent unnecessary stress for the pet and the stylist, please do not arrive before the scheduled pick up time.

We ask that you please call to check on the length of time left for your pet’s grooming session if it is taking longer than normal,
instead of dropping in. Sometimes  those 10-15 minutes is needed to do the final  finishing touches.  If you show up early, your pet will become
excited and may not allow the stylist to finish the cut safely the way you want it to be done, for this reason, the groom session will end and you will be able to take your dog at that time.


Dropping off your dog is required at your specific appointment time.

If we have a cancellation or running early according to schedule we may inform you so that you may have the opportunity of arriving earlier than scheduled.

If you are running late, please give us a call to determine if we can still fit your pet in or if we need you to reschedule. We designate a specific time frame for every pet, and being late for your pet’s appointment will take away from the time we have to spend safely and efficiently performing their groom.


If you need to cancel or change an appointment, please let us know by calling 90609131 or by sending an SMS at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.
It is also possible to cancel online by going to your confirmation received by email.

Unfortunately, we have customers who do not meet at the agreed time
without cancellation. Unless we are notified, the customer must pay the full fee of the price the treatment would have cost.
(No- shows)
If you do not meet up to for your appointment without cancellation,
we will send you an invoice by sms or email.

Dog grooming services

It is the dog owners legal responsibility to inform the groomer if their dog has previously bitten anyone, including another groomer. As the owner, you will be held liable for any injuries resulting from the failure to disclose this information.

Refusing service

If a dog becomes too aggressive or stressed whilst being groomed,   the owner will be contacted and asked to attend the grooming appointment or asked to pick up their dog as the appointment has been terminated.

Our groomers/stylists are trained professionals. We reserve the right to alter or cease any groom in the event that our staff determines it is in your pet’s or the groomer’s b st interest, or if your pet displays aggressive behaviour.
The client understands that Duke & Duchess has the right to refuse service to Client’s pet at any time for any reason.


We ask that your pet is up to date on all vaccinations acquired in Norway.
If your pet becomes ill or is hurt and the services of a veterinarian are required, you hereby give us permission to obtain treatment if you are not available to do so and you agree to pay for such expenses.

Accidents can happen

There is always the rare possibility an accident could occur.
Grooming equipment is sharp! Even though we use extreme caution and care in all situations, possible problems could occur including cuts.
Every effort will be made to ensure your pet is groomed as safely as possible.
We will always do an inspection of your pet upon arrival and in the bathtub. Your groomer will notify you of anything they find during those. Should any cuts occur during the grooming process, we will notify you and advise you on how to treat these. Injuries caused due to the condition of the
dog matting or behaviour is NOT the responsibility of Duke & Duchess and any vet costs due to these are at the expense of the client.

Mats removal

Some pets are demattable depending on how many mats there are, and how close to the skin they lay. Your groomer will determine this for you upon your arrival or after a telephone conversation with you suggesting a shave down as the only alternative. Your pet’s comfort level and wellness are very important to us!
We strive to provide you with the best, most complete services possible.

Satisfaction policy

If for any reason you are not  satisfied with our services, please tell us within 24 hours so we can try our best to correct it.   Please don’t hesitate to tell us if something is not right, Our goal is your satisfaction; We take great pride in our work and want you to as well.

Summer shave-downs

(Please make sure to have your pet do his/her business before the grooming).

Shaving a heavily coated/double coated dog during the summer is NOT
recommended.   In both hot and cold weather, a dog’s coat regulates body heat, provides insulation and protects from the sun.  Coats that are shaved off, particularly on Arctic breeds, may grow back patchy, uneven or not at all.

Female dogs in Season

For safety and hygiene reasons we will not groom female dogs if they are in season. Any arriving in season will be turned away and requested to reschedule.


Please inform us if you do not wish us to take any photo of your dog.The photos may be posted on our social media pages and might be used our promotional materials.

Choosing to bring your pet to our dog spa signifies you agree to all our policies and procedures.
Thank you for choosing Duke & Duchess Dog Spa


Vi anbefaler kunden om å informere oss om eventuelle medisinske, fysiske, emosjonelle problemer, allergier, følsomhet eller eksisterende forhold.

Sikkerhet til enhver tid:

Sikkerheten til kjæledyret ditt og våre ansatte er svært viktig.
Av den grunn tillater vi ikke at eier oppholder seg I grooming-området. Da vi behandler flere hunder samtidig, kan dette være veldig stressende for noen kjæledyr. Vi jobber med skarpt verktøy og er opptatt av å unngå skader.

Spa time:

For at vi skal kunne stelle hunden din på en profesjonell måte, er høy kvalitet noe vi er opptatt av. Våre kjæledyr reagerer forskjellig og vi tar den tiden det trengs for at de skal føle seg trygge. En behandling kan vare fra 2-4 timer. Ring gjerne å sjekk om hunden er ferdig, før dere kommer og henter. Vi kontakter dere ca 20 minutter før din hund er klar .

Husk at under en behandling er det viktig at vi får hundens fulle oppmerksomhet for et best mulig resultat. Vent derfor med å henvende dere til hunden deres til vi behandlingen er over.

Husk å være presis til din avtale. Ved forsinkelse vennligst ta kontakt snarest. Da har vi mulighet til å avgjøre om timen fortsatt kan brukes , eller om vi må finne en ny tid. Dette på grunn av andre avtaler.


Hvis du trenger å avlyse eller endre en avtale, vennligst gi oss beskjed ved å ringe 90609131 eller ved å sende en sms minst 24 timer før avtaletiden din. Det er også mulight å kansellere timen online.

Vi har dessverre kunder som ikke møte opp både én og to og tre ganger til avtalt tid uten å avbestille. Hvis ikke vi får beskjed 24 timer før sender vi en faktura til kunden med ett gebyr på 100% av prisen behandlingen ville ha kostet. Om du ikke møter opp til avtlate timen uten å avbestille sender vi en faktura på hele beløpet.

Prisene kan variere avhengig av omstendighetene. Ved mye floker, evt. aggresjon hvor jobben blir mer omfattende, beregnes kr. 500,- per time I tillegg.


Det er hundeeiers juridiske ansvar å informere hundefrisøren om hunden tidligere har bitt noen tidligere I en behandlingssituasjon. Som eier kan du holdes ansvarlig for eventuelle skader som oppstår som følge av manglende informasjon. Hvis en hund blir veldig aggressiv eller stresset mens han blir stelt, vil eieren bli kontaktet og bedt om å være til stede under behandlingen. Om hunden fortsetter å være aggressiv eller sterkt stresset, vil avtalen bli avsluttet.

Vi forbeholder oss retten til å avslutte en behandling om dette er nødvendig.

Vi ber om at kjæledyret er oppdatert på alle vaksiner som er oppnådd i Norge.

Det er alltid en sjelden muligheten for at en ulykke kan oppstå.

Skulle hunden din bli syk eller skadet under en behandling tar vi kontakt med eier snarest mulig. Ved helt prekære tilfeller vil vi kontakte vetrinær. Utgifter til vetrinær vil tilfalle kunden.

For ditt kjæledyrs sikkerhet, vennligst ta med hunden din inn og ut av salongen i bånd. Dette vil bidra til at hunden din ikke løper ut døren, når en annen kunde ankommer.

Vi streber etter å gi deg de beste, mest komplette tjenestene som er mulige.Hvis du har spørsmål om noen av de ovennevnte retningslinjene, vær så snill å ta kontakt.